Life After the Storm by Jan Harrison

Life After the Storm: God Will Carry You Through


SynopsisAre winds of change, doubt, or grief swirling around you? Engaging author and teacher Jan Harrison shares how, when storms strike, you can depend on God’s spiritual supplies– His promises, His Spirit, His ever-present help, and the treasures of His Word.

After a storm of loss forever changed the landscape of Jan’s life, her faith and years of Bible study were tested. In that journey, she discovered how God was and is able to fill her every need. Now, with compassion and courage, Jan will help you:

  • stop living in fear of “what if” and be ready for life “even if”
  • sense God’s constant presence and gentle healing
  • experience the transforming confidence and faith that only a storm can unveil

Whether you or someone you care about faces a difficult season, the lifelines of God’s promises will lead you to life and hope after the storm.

Review: This book completely captured my heart! It was so difficult to put down, and I’m not usually a fan of non fiction. It was heartbreaking reading about the loss of her son, her grief made even more tragic because he was in another country at the time of his death. For a mom that is crushing…he was only 27. She shares her journey to surrender and healing…not easy by any means. Even as a believer we struggle with questions like “why” when unspeakable tragedy invades our life and turns it upside down. I love that she talks about switching from thinking of all the “what ifs?” And starts to think in terms of “God, even if”. That spoke to me. If you are in a storm currently or know someone who is, this book will really bless you. Share it with someone you know that needs to hear Jan’s story and her incredible honesty and vulnerability, all the while working towards surrendering her plans and embracing Gods. 

Bookishly yours,


Life After the Storm: God Will Carry You Through

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