Soldier’s Daughters by Fiona Field

Soldiers’ Daughters


SynopsisA wonderfully gripping follow-up to Fiona Field’s first novel, bringing back many of the characters from Soldiers’ Wives

The two girls seem to have a lot in common on the surface. Both motherless. Both sent to the same boarding school for “army brats.” Both, later, commissioned into the army themselves. Both desperate for their fathers’ love and approval. Samantha Lewis will put everything into being the good soldier she thinks her father wants her to be. But her heart will lead her in a very unexpected direction and threaten her love for the good man she plans to marry. Michelle Flowers also craves her father’s attention, but her impulsiveness will drive her into an obsession with the husband of another woman—with disastrous consequences.
Review: This book captivated me from page 1. I read it over the course of several days and give it a strong thumbs up! It took me awhile to adjust to the British vernacular and I felt the foul language could have been toned down a bit, but Fiona is an incredible writer!! It never got slow or boring, it had enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages. I kept wanting Michelle to stop her nonsense and rooted for Sam, especially when she was in Kenya. This book has an excellent cast of characters with stories of their own. You have to give it a read! I look forward to reading this authors future books!! 
I was given a complimentary copy of this book to review. 
Bookishly yours,

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